Of course! $10 Million public liability and all the staff are covered by Workers Compensation
Very often the answer is yes. Some trees are classified as noxious weeds and can be removed without a permit, however, this differs depending on the council and a weed in one council area could be protected in another. Always check. A list of councils have been provided in the useful links section.
There is an art to cutting down trees, attempting to cut down a tree yourself could result in injury or even death and the end result may not be what you expected. Some things are best left to the experts.
Typically the tree and all debris is completely removed from the property. Upon customer request, we cut the branches into firewood and leave for the owner. Since the time required to cut the tree into firewood is the same as removal, we do not charge extra.
There are a number of reasons why a tree falls, and usually a combination of factors: wind, soil conditions, excess weight in branches, prior damage or disease, age of the tree, and/or lack of proper tree maintenance, to name a few.
No. And this is a big difference between us and the other guys. We're constantly complimented on our cleanups.
There's some overlap, but basically trimming (or thinning) refers to removal of excess branches and deadwood, pruning (or fine-pruning) goes further with selective cutting, shaping, and guiding the tree how to grow, and reduction is often the term used when shortening a tree.
In nature (a forest, for example) trees grow straight up, as they compete for sunlight. But around your home or business, the more open space allows trees to grown any way they want, developing large, low branches which spread out to form much broader trees, increasing the likelihood of heavy and hazardous limbs.
It's not just about looks. Proper maintenance can enhance property values up to 25% (especially mature trees). Trees act as wind breaks and sunscreens, letting you live more comfortably and reducing winter heating and summer cooling bills. Trees provide oxygen and reduce air pollution. They also reduce noise pollution as natural sound barriers. Studies show trees also have beneficial psychological effects on humans by decreasing stress, inspiring minds and breaking emotional barriers.
As soon as it's planted, make sure that dead and broken branches are removed. In a year or so, once the tree is established, watch for a central trunk or leader (or well-spaced multiple trunks or leaders). Help these develop by trimming off competing stems and thinning out branches that compete with the selected leaders. Pruning young trees prevents bigger, expensive tree problems later on
No. Topping, dehorning, or pollarding a tree, essentially slicing off the top crown, is not a sound arboricultural practice and can severely deform and damage the tree, and lead to tree disease.

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